Ricardo J Orellana - Photographer

Freedom is the reason I photograph. It’s the reason I picked up a camera 11 years ago, a skateboard 13 years ago, started jiujitsu 8 years ago, and bought a bike 3 years ago. Throughout my entire life I’ve always searched for a sense of freedom and something that’ll catch my interest for long enough. Freedom can be a blessing and a curse. Too much and I don’t know what to do. Too little I start to go insane.

Lately I’ve found peace riding my bike and enjoying the journey, wherever it takes me.

The camera is a tool to express what I see and provide a glimpse of my experience, to tell the stories I’ve listened to, and express what happens when a guy like myself is bored and wants to know more about what makes people click, what drives them to do what they love to do, and the battle scars they’ve earned along the way.

E: studio@sovisphoto.com

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